Why should you choose LovelySmiles?

“Everybody who comes in contact with Lovelysmiles will have a lovely smile, whether they have a treatment done or not. This doesn’t only apply to clients of ours, but everybody from employees to distributors, to suppliers.”

Along with this philosophy, Lovelysmiles has always strived to be the best and do things better and serving everyone desiring whiter teeth exactly that and with the most comfortable experience possible.

With over 50,000 happy clients and that number growing Lovelysmiles is confident in its results that it gives a 200% money back guarantee.

In 2009 this led to the development of Lovelysmiles own 3 in 1 teeth whitening Gel. The idea behind this event was to have a product which would not only whiten one’s teeth but ensure they had pain and sensitivity free experience also and at the same time addressing many people’s concerns about possible enamel damage the product also strengthened the enamel.Although this new 3 in 1 gel was to address issues that it’s founder thought needed addressing in cosmetic teeth whitening, what he did not realise when developing this, was that dentists around the world let alone NZ were looking for a product that would do exactly this. Today, Dental clinics and Non-dental practitioners in NZ use Lovelysmiles Teeth Whitening Gel as their preferred choice of product for their patients.

Lovelysmiles 3-in-1 Patented Gel is manufactured here in New Zealand and carries the FernMark as a recognition of quality and excellence.

With further use of Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 gel, we were able to perform longer treatments comfortably and therefore addressing problem staining and also giving everyone the best results possible.

In 2010 I was the founding President of the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association which is recognised by the Environmental Protection Authority, Ministry of Health and the Dental Council of New Zealand as an equivalent of the New Zealand Dental Association. I also travel the world with Lovelysmiles and often invited to speak at many dental conferences as Keynote speaker and also train dental practitioners in cosmetic teeth whitening.

I have created a team of aestheticians that still, however, follow through with the philosophy that everybody who comes in contact or aware of Lovelysmiles will have a lovely smile whether they have white teeth or not. The team will go out of their way to ensure that the high standards are maintained with each and every person.

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Founding member. Maintaining a code of professional conduct for the independent Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Industry

Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 patented Gel is manufactured here in NZ and carries the NZ FernMark as a recognition of quality and excellence.

That’s confidence! If your teeth are not whiter, we pay you twice the cost of your treatment.