Now You Can Gift a Smile

Group Packages


$1596 ($399 each)

Grab 4 of your friends or family members for an Ultimate Whitening Treatment experience. Great for first timers looking for lasting effects.
Each person gets a 90-minute treatment, that’s 4 x 20-minute cycles back to back.


$399 each

An Ultimate Whitening Experience for the Bride and Groom for their big day! Plus, 2 more people from the wedding party.
The Bride and Groom also gets a FREE top-up – that’s 1 to 3 treatments depending on how much is needed to get to your Wedding White.
The initial treatment of each person is a 90-minute session, that’s 4 x 20-minute cycles back to back.

Need to book for a larger party? Send us a message.

Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 Teeth Whitening Pen

Perfect your smile even more… at home!

One of the biggest issues with teeth whitening is the tendency for the teeth to stain again over time, especially in the first 24 hours of clinical whitening process. What does it do?

  • Prevents or reduces future staining.
  • Increase the longevity of your whitening treatment.
  • Further enhance your results by removing stubborn stains.
  • Simple to use and effective in keeping your teeth whiter for longer.


Plus: 9.95 Shipping Fee New Zealand Wide. Delivery in 2-3 Days

Gift Vouchers

Simply fill in their name and their email or address on checkout, and we will send them a special surprise!
Gift vouchers are valid for 4 months.


Perfect for those who have had whitening before and need to spruce them up again or have lighter shades already.
This package is made up of 3 x 20 minute cycles back to back in a 75-minute session.


Great for first timers! Excellent results for those who have never had teeth whitening before and would like to try it.
In 90 minutes, you get 4 x 20-minute cycles back to back.


Perfect for those wanting to see how white their teeth can actually get and can be done over multiple appointments and days to get the desired result.
This package is made up of a maximum of 12 cycles over multiple sessions.

Afterpay available. Deposit 25% when you book online. Pay the rest with Afterpay at the clinic.

Founding member. Maintaining a code of professional conduct for the independent Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Industry

Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 patented Gel is manufactured here in NZ and carries the NZ FernMark as a recognition of quality and excellence.

That’s confidence! If your teeth are not whiter, we pay you twice the cost of your treatment.