Will teeth whitening damage my enamel?

Lovelysmiles has a very low level of Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) but has added ingredients to strengthen the enamel. These ingredients are used in many dental products used to address people with poor or no enamel issues. So not only is Lovelysmiles product safer but it also adds strength to one’s tooth also now no other product or teeth whitening system does that.
When Lovelysmiles unique formula was developed, it addressed the issue of HP. Over the years the Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) (or carbide peroxide (CP)) levels have been too strong and still are. The higher strengths of HP can, in fact, damage the enamel but at the end of the day, HP can do that to anything right. It is the strength of the HP that is important and to be honest we do not need to use high levels of HP to whiten teeth. It is a myth really that the stronger the HP, the whiter the tooth. This old information is long gone but unfortunately for some reason people perceive his to be true.
If you have any concerns please discuss with your Aesthetician before you begin your treatment.

How long will my results last?

This is a common question and although many practitioners will try to give their clients an idea or time frame knowing that they may not hold them to it in that period and more so to give an answer to the question. The reality is that no one can tell you a time frame because everybody stains differently and whitens differently. Furthermore, nothing is permanent in this life and surely not teeth whitening.
What we like to tell people is, lets book you in for a smile check three months later free of charge and let us see how far you have shifted from your whitening results. It may mean you may not have shifted and hence another recheck in another three months. Now if you have had a change in the first three months we will know how long it takes for your results to last and that too by how much. It will be at this stage we can give you a plan on how often you should have your teeth whitened to maintain that perfect smile all the time. It is just like a haircut, facial or wax. Some people don’t shift for at least a year and some every three months. So no one can tell you until we put it to the test.

Teeth whitening expectations

People with healthy teeth and gums but who have stains or a yellowish tint seem to get the best results. You will not experience any heat or discomfort. On some occassions you may feel a liitle tingling or perhaps a slight sensitivity.Teeth and or gums may be sensitive for a short period of time after the treatment.You may see temporary bleaching on the gums but this is normal and will disappear usually less than an hour. Your teeth will never be whiter than your generic traits. All teeth bleach differently. Possible white spots or demineralisation may appear on patients who had braces or have porous enamel, however will disappear within 24 hours.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth come in many colours. Some have a yellowish tone,some orange,some brown and some grey. The outside of the teeth, the enamel, is clear and glass-like.The colour that you see show through from the teeth structure under the enamel is called dentin. Dentin is the classified tooth bone just below the enamel. To whiten teeth, an oxygen action type whitening gel is applied to the front of the teeth to be whitened. Then whitening Accelerator Light system is applied to activate a fast safe whitening action.This whitening accelerator system powerfully accelerates the whitening process by high intensity blue light activating the gel within the microscopic pores in the tooth enamel as the whitening gel penetrates the clear tooth enamel bleaching out staining during the gels migration towards the dentin.
Although Lovelysmile uses its own gel which although is proven to be sensitivity and free and painless every individual is different and how each individual responds to a treatment no one knows. If one does experience sensitivity then this maybe due to personal mitigating factors of the individual. Note also that if there is any such sensations then these should not be overwhelming as traditional teeth whitening systems and products and should settle down in a day or so if that.

Preparation before your treatment

If you have sensitive teeth already, it may pay to brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste for 3 to 4 days prior to your treatment to reduce any possible but unlikely sensitivity.
Do not Eat, drink or brush your teeth for a mimimum of 2 hours prior to your treatment.

After-treatment Care

For 24 hours after the treatment:-
• Do not eat or drink dark, staining substances such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce and cola
• Do not eat staining foods such as: beetroot, carrots, blueberries, and the like
• Do not smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco- containing products
• Do not use coloured toothpaste
White food suggestions:
Drinks: – Water (cold), Milk, white wine, Lemonade and of cource champagne!!
Breakfast: -White bread (brown crust off), Natural yoghurt, Banana smoothie and milk
Lunch or Dinner: – Smoked chicken (no dark skin), Roast chicken (no skin), white rice, white pasta with white sauce, Potatoes (boiled or mashed) or Cauliflower – steamed
Dessert: – Rice pudding(no skin), vanilla ice cream, white chocolate cream or pavlova with
cream or yogurt

How do I maintain white teeth?

One of the biggest issues with teeth whitening is the tendency for the teeth to stain again over time, especially in the first 24 hours of clinical whitening process. Dentists call this relapse. Most dentists deal with this by having the patient return for another whitening session or use at-home treatments that are very unpleasant and expensive, let alone very unattractive
Lovelysmile highly recommends our clients to use daily the 3 in 1 Teeth Whitening Pen to help maintain their new whiter and brighter smile. Your aesthetician will explain you the how to use the teeth whitening pen and give you the instructions.

How frequently should I get my teeth whitened?

Depending upon the stains on your teeth you may require a second treatment.It’s ideal to have a second treatment within the 2 weeks of your intial consultation.Your aesthetician will advise you if you need to have a second treatment and will book your teeth whitening appointment.Lovelysmile highly recommends our clients to use daily the 3 in 1 Teeth Whitening Pen to help maintain their new whiter and brighter smile. Your aesthetician will explain you the how to use the teeth whitening pen and give you the instructions.