30 min Trial

Want to see if Lovely Smiles Teeth Whitening is going to give you results with their pain-free and sensitivity-free whitening treatments before committing to a full treatment?

This treatment consists of 2 x 15 min treatments.

We are confident you will get results and offer a 200% guarantee on this treatment. Forget about short-term fixes like purple foam or other at-home whitening that have to be done multiple times. Enjoy getting real results in only 30 mins. Even those of us with the busiest of schedules can fit this in.


The White Choice

Need quick results? Have you had whitening before and need to spruce them up again or have lighter shades already?

This package is made up of 3 x 20 minute cycles back to back in a 75-minute session.

Note we often hear from first-timers or people who have had whitening years ago that their teeth are not so stained. The truth is revealed when you come to the clinic so if you fit into that category consider the Ultimate Whitening.


Ultimate Whitening

Get great first time results! This is good for those who have never had teeth whitening before and would like to try it. 

In 90 minutes, you get 4 x 20-minute cycles back to back.

The best treatment available. Also ideal for problem staining, mixed shaded teeth, stains accumulated from medicinal (antibiotic) backgrounds. Colour matching before cosmetic dentistry then this is the package for you.


whitened teeth

Just White

This package is perfect for those wanting to see how white their teeth can actually get and can be done over multiple appointments and days to get the desired result.

Maximum 12 cycles over multiple sessions.

The desired results may happen in one appointment or more, depending on the individual staining; either way, the results will be Just White. Comes with our 200% Money Back Guarantee!


See the Results

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Afterpay available. Deposit 25% when you book online. Pay the rest with Afterpay at the clinic.

Founding member. Maintaining a code of professional conduct for the independent Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Industry

Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 patented Gel is manufactured here in NZ and carries the NZ FernMark as a recognition of quality and excellence.

That’s confidence! If your teeth are not whiter, we pay you twice the cost of your treatment.