What could your smile look like with whiter teeth?

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Lovelysmiles 3 in 1 patented Gel is manufactured here in NZ and carries the NZ FernMark as a recognition of quality and excellence.

That’s confidence! If your teeth are not whiter, we pay you twice the cost of your treatment.

How our Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth come in many colours. Some have a yellowish tone, some orange, some brown and some grey. The outside of the teeth, the enamel, is clear and glass-like. 

The colour that you see showing through from the teeth structure under the enamel is called dentin. 

Dentin is the classified tooth bone just below the enamel.

To whiten teeth:

  1. An oxygen action type whitening gel is applied to the front of the teeth to be whitened. 
  2. Then a Whitening Accelerator Light system is applied to activate a fast, safe whitening action. 

This Whitening Accelerator System powerfully accelerates the whitening process by high-intensity blue light activating the gel within the microscopic pores in the tooth enamel as the whitening gel penetrates the clear tooth enamel bleaching out staining during the migration of the gel towards the dentin. 

Although Lovelysmiles uses its own gel, which although is proven to be sensitivity-free and painless, every individual is different and how each individual responds to treatment, no one knows. If one does experience sensitivity, then this may be due to the personal mitigating factors of the individual. 

Lovelysmiles teeth whitening formula is unique to NZ being the only teeth whitening product and system made in NZ and specifically designed to deliver whiter teeth whilst having a comfortable experience.